Two rival racehorse trainers compete in the world’s most prestigious race at Royal Ascot, England – the Queen Anne Stakes.


Angus Masters is rich, arrogant, and determined to crush anyone who gets between him and victory. He will stop at nothing to win, even if it means breaking the rules.


Logan Weston is a small-time trainer who has been knocked down more times than most. He has a point to prove and, in the true Australia spirit, is ready to give it everything he’s got.


Contention captures the heart-pounding excitement of the sport; the wild seduction and temptation of dangerous women; a trainer’s love for his prize horse; and the thrill of the race to become the champion.


Author Stephen Irwin has held nothing back in his debut novel. He exposes the real-life injustices that occur in the thoroughbred racing world and gives the reader a taste of the exhilaration of becoming number one.

Contention is a book for readers who love romance, fiction, a good guy and the bad guy. A story with fantastic dialogue and characters you will never want to let go. There is a few steamy sex scenes as well. You will laugh, cry and have your adrenaline pumping and brain thinking. Read the reviews and enjoy the book. 

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