The front cover is a sculpture I have made called

                          'Taking the plunge'.

This sculpture won the 2016 Sculptures in the Garden contest in Mudgee NSW . It is now on display in Mudgee sculpture park. Taking the plunge is exactly that.

Its a sculpture of a diving board position through a ring that's elevated.  Like many things in life its about having the guts to take the plunge. Its amazing as I originally made this sculpture about 2 ft high for a valentines day gift to my wife Shannon in stainless steel. I then decide to make a very imposing 4.4 m high replica . The sale and first prize cheque of this sculpture bought Shannon's engagement ring. It now seems fitting that another leap of faith in my very first novel that Taking The Plunge  has made its way to the front cover.

"'There is no limit to what my mind can create as long as my heart and hands are willing

                                     Stephen Irwin 


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